Water Colour Paintings

An integral part of my design processes is the essential need to sketch, to draw and to incorporate colour. Along with the written word, collections of found objects, of looking and observing, photography are all aspects I incorporate. Study and consideration of how other artists interpret ideas are also included. I must analyse and synthesise my thoughts into images. Images which contain all elements of my ideas and concepts. Image tapestry tells a story. The viewer first sees the colour, then the shapes and finally the narrative. To this end I chose the use of water colour, despite the substantial difficulties involved. Water colour is transparent, the light comes from the paper beneath yet woven tapestry using woollen yarns is opaque!

I enjoy the merging, the floating of one colour into another and the light of the paper coming through the image. The following paintings are all precursors to a completed woven tapestry. It may be that I complete up to a dozen or more paintings before one is chosen to take to the loom.

         All water colour paintings use Bockingford paper 140 lb, (Not Cold Pressed) and measure approximately 12inches x 8 inches. This paper has a surface texture which suits my painting methods and I have used this since the late 1980’s.

Michael Crompton 2018