Michael Crompton is a Tapestry Weaver with over forty years’ experience of designing and weaving woven tapestries. He has been a textile artist for over forty-five years and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

A Woven Tapestry is a unique hand woven work of art. It is a communication between the weaver and the viewer. The structure of woven tapestry survives hundreds of years and is a lasting investment.

 “A Woven Tapestry is for Today and for the Future.”

Commissioning a woven tapestry enables it to be designed and created for a particular site or location. The lighting conditions, natural or artificial, the existing décor, colour schemes and the colour and texture of the surfaces must be taken in to account.

To decide on size and proportion experience suggests that different sizes and shapes of newspaper or material are placed in position and left for sometime as a guide. This will help to confirm the size, shape and proportion required.
The Choice of design often results from viewing a selection of current tapestries relating to a variety of themes. Photographs, images and themes may be viewed on my website at After the theme is chosen, the client provides samples of the existing décor and furnishing colour schemes, whilst indicating any particular features of the site e.g. direction of light and wall textures.

 I will then complete a written statement outlining my ideas, concepts and objectives, and prepare a number of paintings, drawings and colour yarn swatches.

 With the client’s agreement, a tapestry is woven of the chosen design. If at all possible, the client is encouraged to visit the workshop to see the tapestry being woven. The process can take many months depending on the communication between the client and the weaver and the weaving time is considerable.

 For ease of hanging, one half of a Velcro strip is attached to a lath of wood, which is screwed into the wall at the desired height. The other half is stitched to the top of the tapestry for hanging and removal. It is recommended that, every six months or so, the tapestry is given a light vacuuming either in situ or flat on the floor. Modern yarns are not mothproof but they are moth resistant.

 The price will depend on the size and complexity of the design.

 Your Woven Tapestry is a unique, hand woven work of art commissioned by and woven    especially for you.

 It will give many years of pleasure and be a lasting investment for you and your family.